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cH2ange: hydrogen at the heart of the debate

cH2ange is an initiative by Air Liquide

We are confronted to a series of unprecedented challenges. Climate change may be the most important one. To face this urgency, we need to rethink the way we live, the way we move, and the way we produce and use energy.

We believe hydrogen is part of the solution to achieve a post-carbon society. This is why we created cH2ange.

We envision it as an open discussion around hydrogen and the sustainable economic and societal models it offers.

Hydrogen, a systemic solution to meet the challenges of the energy transition

The choices we make in the coming years in the energy sector are crucial for our future. Whether we want to keep our old ways or we want to go forward with this disruption, we need to make this decision collectively, as a society.

We think hydrogen is one of the keys that will help us shape tomorrow’s mobility, heating, digitalization and industry decarbonization needs. In the last fifteen years, the technologies used to produce, store, transport and use hydrogen have improved drastically. Challenges remain to be solved – environmental challenges as well as economic and social ones. The world changes. So must we. For the better.